Tax Consulting
Getting up-to-date information is the first step towards resolving a tax dispute.

    Tax consultation includes the following steps:
    studying the peculiarities of tax structuring of a business;
    explaining the current legislation to the client;
    giving recommendations on optimizing taxation or resolving a dispute with the tax authorities;
    recommending a tool for restoring the rights of a business owner: pre-trial settlement of a dispute or filing a claim in court;
    setting goals: to appeal the decision of the tax authorities, to remove the seizure of property, and others;
    developing a clear algorithm of actions, preparing and sending a tax opinion.
    Why Choose Us?
    16 years of experience in tax disputes;
    9 lawyers and 5 bankruptcy commissioners in the team;
    we offer different algorithms for resolving client issues;
    we take into account the peculiarities of the business of each client;
    we accompany and advise at all stages of interaction with the tax authorities: from obtaining documents to resolving a dispute in a court of cassation;
    we carry out representation: we inform about all actions, but we minimize the actual participation of the client.
    Our team
    Володимир Капустін
    Керуючий Партнер Арбітражний керуючий
    Спеціалізація: банкрутство
    Володимир Поляков
    ⠀⠀⠀Старший Партнер⠀⠀⠀ Адвокат
    Спеціалізація: факторинг, господарське право, цивільне право
    Сасіна Катерина
    Арбітражний керуючий Адвокат
    Спеціалізація: банкрутство, господарське право
    Денис Молдованов
    Провідний юрисконсульт
    Спеціалізація: факторинг, господарське, цивільне, трудове право.
    Людмила Колєсник
    Провідний Юрисконсульт
    Спеціалізація: факторинг, господарське, цивільне право.
    Василь Бондаренко
    Арбітражний керуючий
    Спеціалазація: банкрутство
    Капустіна Олена
    Провідний юрисконсульт
    Спеціалізація: факторинг
    Анна Діаз
    Комерційний Директор
    Наіля Насібулліна
    Помічник Адвоката
    Спціалізація: банкрутство, господарське право
    Якубовський Павло
    Спеціалізація: державна реєстрація бізнесу
    Блага Наталія
    Керівник напрямку реєстрації бізнесу
    Спеціалізація: державна реєстрація бізнесу
    Танатаров Олександр
    великі платники податків 2021
    Large taxpayers 2021

    First, let us remind you who is a large taxpayer in accordance with the law. A major taxpayer according to

    налоговые проверки 2021
    Cancellation of the moratorium on business audits in 2021: who will be audited?

    In December last year, for the duration of the quarantine, which has lasted for almost a year, the deputies adopted

    it адвокат харьков
    Does IT business need to use PPO. Consultation of IT lawyer Kharkiv

    For IT services, IT business receives payment by bank transfer and then a logical question arises, is it necessary to


    Tax legislation changes weekly. It is difficult for a business owner to keep track of changes. It is not always possible to get up-to-date tax information on the Internet. For example, on January 01, 2021, amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine came into force on the introduction of a single account for paying taxes and fees, unified social tax. Did you know about this? On December 4, 2020, the State Tax Service of Ukraine published a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on reducing the effect of restrictions on inspections.

    The team of Kapustin & Partners Law Firm is working to inform you about changes in legislation and minimize the risks of disputes with the tax authorities.

    Many clients come to us after having received consultancy from the tax office by phone. It often turns out that the information they were given is not up to date.

    It should be remembered that the tax authority represents the interests of the state and rarely interprets the law in favor of the taxpayer. That is why the administrative courts are busy with the work of resolving tax litigations. We suppose that it is worth starting with the pre-trial settlement of the dispute. This will save the client’s finances. If the negotiations did not help, we go to court and represent the client’s interests.

    Often tax consultancy in Kyiv takes a lot of hours and does not bring results. A business student is able to assess the information activity in a neat way.

    If you want to take into account the consultancy of a tax authority, the position of the sovereign body, we can readily accept the relevant information from lawyers. So it will be easier for you to seize your position from the dispute. You know the counterarguments.

    For example, you call to get tax consultancy in Kyiv by phone and want to know when the unified social tax is considered paid: from the moment the payment was initiated or the moment the money was credited. The tax office can answer that at the time the money is credited. This answer seems logical, but does not comply with the law. At the beginning of the article, we wrote that on January 1, 2021, amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine came into force.

    Now, the law states that the taxpayer’s obligation to pay taxes and fees to a single account is considered fulfilled from the moment the transfer is initiated. Information that is not up to date, which you received through telephone consultation with the tax office, may lead to unreasonable fines.

    In order for a business owner to save time and money, a tax consultation should last no longer than an hour.
    During the quarantine period, the Kapustin & Partners Law Firm began to practice tax consultancy over the phone or using video communication. We are glad that we can share our experience with clients from different cities. A tax consultant from the Kapustin & Partners Law Firm will offer you several options for resolving the tax problem, explain the legislation and send you a legal opinion.