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    Tax consultation procedure
    We receive a consultation request from you.
    We determine the format: online or offline.
    You ask questions.
    If necessary, leave (send) documents for study.
    We are studying the documents.
    Даем развернутый ответ и предлагаем оптимальные варианты действий.
    Why choose us for tax advice
    17 years of experience in tax consulting and tax optimization.
    We have a qualified staff of attorneys and lawyers.
    Tax consultation with us is possible online / offline.
    We will promptly connect to solving a problem of any complexity.
    We have offices in Kiev and Kharkov.
    We will help you appeal against the decisions of regulatory authorities.
      • 2300 positive decisions for Clients.
      • We value your time, so we do everything we possibly can today, not tomorrow.
      • We are available for the Client 24/7.
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    Володимир Капустін
    Керуючий Партнер Арбітражний керуючий
    Спеціалізація: банкрутство
    Володимир Поляков
    ⠀⠀⠀Старший Партнер⠀⠀⠀ Адвокат
    Спеціалізація: факторинг, господарське право, цивільне право
    Сасіна Катерина
    Арбітражний керуючий Адвокат
    Спеціалізація: банкрутство, господарське право
    Денис Молдованов
    Провідний юрисконсульт
    Спеціалізація: факторинг, господарське, цивільне, трудове право.
    Людмила Колєсник
    Провідний Юрисконсульт
    Спеціалізація: факторинг, господарське, цивільне право.
    Василь Бондаренко
    Арбітражний керуючий
    Спеціалазація: банкрутство
    Капустіна Олена
    Провідний юрисконсульт
    Спеціалізація: факторинг
    Анна Діаз
    Комерційний Директор
    Наіля Насібулліна
    Помічник Адвоката
    Спціалізація: банкрутство, господарське право
    Якубовський Павло
    Спеціалізація: державна реєстрація бізнесу
    Блага Наталія
    Керівник напрямку реєстрації бізнесу
    Спеціалізація: державна реєстрація бізнесу
    Танатаров Олександр
    великі платники податків 2021
    Large taxpayers 2021

    First, let us remind you who is a large taxpayer in accordance with the law. A major taxpayer according to

    налоговые проверки 2021
    Cancellation of the moratorium on business audits in 2021: who will be audited?

    In December last year, for the duration of the quarantine, which has lasted for almost a year, the deputies adopted

    it адвокат харьков
    Does IT business need to use PPO. Consultation of IT lawyer Kharkiv

    For IT services, IT business receives payment by bank transfer and then a logical question arises, is it necessary to


    Why does a business need tax advice?

    People contact us to get advice on:

    • Value Added Tax
    • Corporate Income Tax
    • Transfer Pricing
    • Personal Income Tax
    • Tax on other business entities
    • Income tax for self-employed persons engaged in independent professional activities
    • Foreign economic activity of the enterprise
    • PPO
    • Single contribution
    • Military tax
    • Excise tax
    • Tourist tax
    • Licensing the production and circulation of alcohol, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and fuel
    • Paying off the tax debt of taxpayers
    • Single tax
    • Procedure for the application of settlement transaction registrars
    • Accounting for taxpayers
    • Environmental tax
    • Collection for parking spaces
    • Appeals against decisions of regulatory authorities
    • Rights and must of taxpayers
    • Taxpayer liability
    • Rent payment for the use of various natural resources
    • Land fees
    • Tax on immovable property other than land
    • Transport tax
    • State duty

    Tax consultation in the city of Kyiv is a good thing, but it is better to seek advice from the professionals of the law firm “Kapustin and Partners”, since the tax office can take note of your questions, and then they may come to you with a check or a search.

    What is the format of tax consultation?

    Consultation at the tax office by phone is the most common option for directors and business owners , less often it happens in the office of the STS.

    But we recommend that you come for advice to us, to a law firm, where all your questions will be answered confidentially, transparently and openly.

    Where to consult in Kyiv on tax issues?

    You can consult on taxes with us as we specialize in tax law and appeals against decisions of the tax authorities.

    You can also consult the STS within the framework of individual tax advice.

    This is an explanation of the supervisory authority provided to you, as a taxpayer, regarding the practical use of certain provisions of tax and other legislation, control over compliance with which is entrusted to the supervisory authority, and is registered with the unified register of INC.

    The telephone for tax advice in the tax office is freely available on the Internet.

    Why should you contact us for advice on taxes?

    Expertise – we regularly conduct training seminars and webinars for accountants and lawyers of companies.
    Efficiency – we quickly find answers and solutions for any tax situation.
    Confidentiality – we have high standards for the protection of confidential client data.
    Tax consultation in Kiev by phone – +380 066 062 00 69.