Debt collecting
All work will be done

    Procedure for collection of receivables
    Analysis of the situation, assessment of the prospects for the collection of receivables.
    Negotiating, claim work.
    Negotiating, claim work.
    Preparation of a claim and annexes to it. Filing a claim with the seizure of the debtor's property.
    Representation of the company's interests in court.
    Obtaining a court decision in your favor.
    Benefits of working with us
    Over the years of practice, we have collected UAH 420,000,000 for our Clients.
    Let's get involved at any stage.
    We assess the situation and the debtor in detail in order to assess the prospects and predict the result.
    Debt collection cases are handled by highly qualified lawyers who are experts in this field.
    We handle even the most non-standard tasks that our in-house lawyers have never dealt with.
    We rely not on processes, but on the result, which is achieved by all possible legal instruments.
      • 2300 positive decisions for Clients
      • We value your time, so we do everything we possibly can today, not tomorrow.
      • We are available for the Client 24/7
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    Танатаров Олександр

    Debt collecting

    The lawyers of our law firm carry out the collection of accounts receivable from the debtor in cash equivalent on the date indicated in the balance sheet.

    Types of accounts receivable. There are 3 types:

    • long-term;
    • current;
    • hopeless.

    Accounts receivable are considered hopeless, and there is no doubt that they will not be returned. For example, due to the expiration of the statute of limitations for filing a claim.

    Also in practice, there is a doubtful debt. In this case, there is a possibility of your funds being returned, but it is still minimal. For this category of debt, we have a special service that allows you to reduce taxation due to the implementation of this doubtful debt.

    Debts collection. Benefit for the Client.

    Every business owner understands that non-return of funds negatively affects the viability of the enterprise. An unstable financial situation at an enterprise can lead to serious consequences for default on obligations to other counterparties, and, as a result, lead to the bankruptcy of a legal entity.

    For the above reason, it is better to deal with the return of funds as soon as possible and collect the receivables from the counterparty.

    What documents are required for the successful collection of accounts receivable?

    First of all, you need a contract on the basis of which the delivery was carried out or the services were rendered.

    You will also need invoices, acceptance certificates, documents confirming the fact of partial payment – these can be bank statements that prove the funds were credited (prepayment), or confirm that the money did not arrive at the account at all. Also, for a detailed outline of the situation for the court, it is worth providing written correspondence with the counterparty.

    Our actions.

    In order to successfully complete the work on the collection of receivables, we are working in the following areas:

    • we analyze the data on the debtor, assess his solvency;
    • analysis of the contract with the debtor client;
    • assessment of the prospects for pre-trial settlement of the dispute;
    • execution of collection in a claim procedure (a written request);
    • obligations to pay the debt, indicating the consequences for the debtor in case of non-payment);

    In the event of the debtor’s inaction, his eloquent silence in response to the claim, there remains 1 longer, but most effective way to protect your rights. We are talking about a judicial procedure.

    We will prepare a claim with all attachments, file it and accompany the case until a decision is received in favour of the Client.

    After that, we will turn to a private executive service for the enforced collection of accounts receivable in case the debtor does not comply with the court decision within the prescribed period.

    Collecting accounts receivable is not an easy task, so it is better to trust the professionals.

    We are experts in this, therefore we regularly conduct training seminars for lawyers, participate in thematic events.

    What can be claimed in a claim?

    In addition to the principal debt, we will require:

    • 3% per annum;
    • inflationary;
    • penalty and fine if they were provided by the contract;

    Seizure of the debtor’s property.

    Before starting a debt recovery litigation, you need to make sure that the debtor has assets that can be sold.

    Therefore, we disclose all the data on his income and property and, of course, we seize all his property so that it would not suddenly turn out to be the property of third parties.

    If the debtor, after having assumed obligations under the agreement concluded between you, began to sell or rewrite his assets, these transactions can be declared invalid or null and void.

    Whom do we help:

    Our clients are mainly industrial enterprises, as well as agrarians and IT companies.

    Collection of receivables. Our advantages

    We accompany the collection of receivables at all stages. At the moment, we are ready to get involved in the business and bring it to the desired result.

    Our Clients receive comprehensive legal support and advice on all issues of interest.

    We use all mechanisms, ranging from a written claim to collection in court with the subsequent involvement of private executors.

    We will help to carry out pre-trial and judicial collection of receivables as soon as possible without losing the quality of the services provided. We work for results.