We buy the real estate for our clients cheaper on 20-50%. Real estate from 15000$ to 2000000$
We wanted to create investment project without risks in the receipt of income some time ago. We have created it.. We are dumping prices on the real estate and our clients earn profit.
Vladimir Kapustin
CEO of the Attorney association Капустин and Partners. Barrister, arbitrage manager.
About us
    • Conducted 24 auctions
    • Bought for the clients of the real estate on 23 250 000 hrn.s
    • We have bought the real estate cheaper on 8 630 000
There was a task to help business to buy the real estate for a price lower on 20-50%. The real estate does not fall in price the last years. But it became true with us. As a former bank employee, I knew that the real estate can be bought proficiously. We thought of afterwards, as possible advantageously to buy the real estate and bring income to our clients and investors. Now we already have more than 110 satisfied clients with the real estate.
Vladimir Polyakov
Director of finance company
How it works?
If during 5-10-ти years a credit is not paid, a bank tries to agree with the proprietor of the real estate on the mutually beneficial terms. If a proprietor doesn't proceed in credit redemption, a bank sells rights in the action of mortgage, id est right for the receipt of the real estate justly. The real estate turns out such cheap due to that a bank sells rights in an action at price of remain of debt.
Why do you need for us?
We are the professional licensed company that has a legal right to buy a debt with a discount to 80% to sell this real estate to any physical person or company
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