Tax dispute resolution
in favor of the taxpayer

    The procedure for appealing disputes with the tax authorities.
    Analysis of the situation. Formation of a legal position in order to develop a well-thought-out line of protection of the interests of the Client.
    Drafting objections and complaints about actions, omissions, and decisions taken by the tax authority based on the results of the audit.
    Preparation of a package of documents for going to court.
    Representing the client's interests during court hearings.
    Preparation and submission of applications, responses, objections, statements.
    Control over the execution of decisions and rulings of courts.
    Benefits of working with us
    We have lawyers who specialize in tax disputes.
    We have been in this field since 2004.
    Tax disputes are specific, so our experience will help you achieve the desired result.
    Our expertise is confirmed by regular seminars that we conduct for lawyers of companies.
    We openly talk about possible risks, if any.
    We help to resolve the dispute both in pre-trial and in court.
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    How to resolve disputes with the tax authorities. The advice of a tax lawyer .

    Tax disputes are quite common for every business. Situations are different, but for their positive decision needs a qualified lawyer for tax disputes.

    The main legislative base for the regulation of the majority of issues is the Tax Code of Ukraine. This Code since its adoption has already changed a lot of times, and how many times he will change – you can only guess.

    That is why it is better to apply to a lawyer for tax disputes because he regularly monitors the changes and, so to say, constantly “boils” in this sphere and knows something that lawyers in the company staff, who are often engaged in claims work and contract law, do not know.

    Our law firm has been assisting taxpayers in disputes with the tax authorities for 17 years, including VAT disputes.

    In our practice, 84% of all disputes with the tax authorities have been solved in favor of our Clients.

    Types of appealing against the decisions of the tax service.

    The first way is an administrative procedure to a higher authority.
    An administrative appeal does not deprive you of the right to appeal to the court.
    The second way is judicial. If you have immediately appealed the decision to the administrative court, you do not have the right to appeal to the administrative court.

    What disputes occur most often? Tells the tax lawyer.

    With these situations in our law firm apply most often:

    • The tax office suspects sham transactions / or fictitious counterparties.
    • The client received a notification decision on additional tax/fine assessment.
    • Denial of budget refund of VAT (disputes with tax authorities concerning VAT).
    • Decision on annulment of registration as a VAT payer/single taxpayer.
    • A client does not agree with the act of scheduled or unscheduled inspection.

    How can a lawyer in tax disputes protect the interests of the company?

    As we wrote earlier, the lawyer uses in his work 2 procedures for appealing decisions of the tax – administrative and judicial procedure.

    Any illegal actions, decisions, illegal inaction – will not remain without the attention of our lawyer for tax disputes.

    What are the terms for appealing the tax decision?

    Deadline for appeal of 10 days, after that will begin to accrue penalties.

    Lawyer for tax disputes. How to act for a positive resolution of the situation.

    • Consult the client, ask all the important questions about the situation.
    • Evaluate the prospects of appealing the decision in court, as well as in administrative order, as well as the risks to the Client.
    • Recommendations to the client on the basis of court practice and personal experience.

    Statistics says that with proper preparation, there are very good chances of obtaining a ruling in favor of the Client.

    Further, the procedure of consideration of tax disputes with the tax authorities may involve the following actions of the lawyer:

    A written response to the authority that sent the request for documents.
    Appealing decisions of the tax in court (preparation, representation of interests of the company in court).
    Appealing to a higher authority.

    Need professional help in resolving tax disputes?
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