трудовое право
The Labor Code of Ukraine will be changed. Analysis of the Labor Lawyer.

In February of this year, the Parliament of the country (VRU) registered the Draft Law on the rights of workers,

критерії ризиковості
Have you been included in the list of risky payers? The lawyer tells what to do.

How is the decision about the riskiness of the taxpayer made? The regional commission is considering the issue of compliance

бюро економічної безпеки
Economic security bureau. Lawyer tell the facts

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the second reading and as a whole, draft law No. 3087-d “On the

договор дарения недвижимости
Apartment donation agreement.

What is a gift agreement? The lawyer tells. A real estate donation agreement (or, as the people say, “donation”) is

law firm ukraine
Lawyers for business. Our story

My name is Vladimir Kapustin, I am the Managing Partner of the Law Firm. I want to tell you a