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Lawyers for business. Our story

My name is Vladimir Kapustin, I am the Managing Partner of the Law Firm. I want to tell you a little about myself and the law firm that I founded, so that you better understand who I am and how I can be useful to your business.

I want to tell you a little about myself and the law firm that I founded, so that you better understand who I am and how I can be useful to your business.

Адвокат Капустин

After graduating from university, I have always strived to be useful and solve business problems that, at first glance, seemed hopeless. I did it well and the creation of the company was a logical continuation.

In 2012, I brought together people with such values ​​and competence that we were able to make a difference in the crowded legal services market.

Адвокат Капустин

The mission we follow is the best solutions and service for the Client. Our experience and focus on results – provide the best solutions, Account manager and client’s personal account – provide customer-oriented service.

As a Managing Partner, I can assure you that in our office you will not hear the words “there is no solution” or “I don’t know”. Therefore, if you came to our office and heard such words, then you are not in our office.

Адвокат Капустин

Everyone has different problems and requests, and our goal is to understand the real need of the client and figure out how to implement it. It is not always easy, but as one of our lawyers says, “There is no way out of the grave, but we can handle it”.

Адвокат Капустин

How can we be helpful? The main specialization of the firm is legal business support. We provide a range of services for business:

  • it is necessary to appeal against illegal actions and decisions of the authorities and law enforcement agencies – lawyer Vladimir Kapustin will help.
  • someone illegally uses your intellectual property – we know how to protect your business in this case
  • it is necessary to develop the correct system of doing business in order to legally optimize costs – contact and you will get the best legal solutions for your business!
Адвокат Капустин

We also specialize in corporate and commercial disputes, defend in criminal proceedings and represent your interests in courts and government agencies.

We like challenges, because any lawyer can handle easy tasks, but if a business needs help to solve a real problem, he turns to the lawyers of the Kapustin & Partners Law Association.

We also participate in events for business owners and company management, where we talk about effective legal solutions that help businesses.

Адвокат Капустин

We live in law all our lives! As a student, we started helping people as lawyers – in law firms, with private lawyers, in legal clinics and other places where you can get a lot of experience before leaving for free floating.

Адвокат Капустин

It is thanks to endless, invaluable practice, having gone through the throat of thousands of different situations, that we confidently tackle each difficult case, because a challenge is for us. We can handle it.

If you need qualified help from a lawyer or want to discuss a point in your business that you would like to change?

Адвокат Капустин

Contact my law firm and get the best solution and service!